Hiking is the preferred term, in Kenya for a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails (footpaths), in the countryside, while the word walking is used for shorter, particularly urban walks.

The word hiking is also often used in the UK, along with rambling (a slightly old-fashioned term), hill walking, and fell walking (a term mostly used for hill walking in northern England). The term bush walking is endemic to Australia, having been adopted by the Sydney Bush Walkers club in 1927. In New Zealand a long, vigorous walk or hike is called tramping. It is a popular activity with numerous hiking organizations worldwide, and studies suggest that all forms of walking have health benefits.

Sirimon Makinder Valley
4 Days

Sirimon route starts from the northwest of the mountain. From the first camp (oldmoses) the path splits on the moorland...

Chogoria Camp Kenya
5 Days

Chogoria route is the most beautiful and scenic route on the mountain. It heads through the forest to the southeast...

Narumoru Lenana Point
6 Days

Narumoru route starts from the western side of the mountain, it climbs towards mackinders camp before joining the peak circuit...